Two Rainbow Sunset Moths (Chrysiridia Rhipheus)


Image of Two Rainbow Sunset Moths (Chrysiridia Rhipheus)

A mama and a baby? A sister and a sister? A boyfriend and girlfriend? A girlfriend and girlfriend? The possibilities are endless. Who do these two butterflies represent in your life?

Are you a sunset lover? These beautiful creatures once flew over oceans in Madagascar. They are Chrysiridia Rhipheus'. Our butterflies are 100% cruelty free, as they are only collected and preserved after their natural deaths. That way, you can adorn your space with beautiful butterfly magic completely guilt free.

I absolutely adore owning unique specimens because they bring a vibration of sophistication + beauty and wonder of our incredible planet into the home. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life.

Easy to hang, comes with sawtooth hanger attached.
The front of the frame is glass and the back is solid black. The specimen is not glued in permanently so the frame can be opened and the specimen removed if you wish to reframe, photograph, or use it for some other purpose.