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The Rare Blue Carpenter Bumble Bee (Xylocopa Caerulea)

The blue carpenter bee is found throughout Southeast Asia, India, and Southern China, and they’re known for being large and heavy bees that live solitary lives, and are generally non-aggressive. Unlike honey bees carpenter bees live alone, searching the trees to create a perfect little nest for themselves. Sometimes queen bees will go so far as to share a common entry hole to their nest, preferring a ‘semi-solitary’ lifestyle to being on their own.

I absolutely adore owning unique specimens because they bring a vibration of sophistication + beauty and wonder of our incredible planet into the home.

Easy to hang, comes with sawtooth hanger attached.
The front of the frame is glass and the back is solid black. The specimen is not glued in permanently so the frame can be opened and the specimen removed if you wish to reframe, photograph, or use it for some other purpose..