Organic Passionflower - 2 oz.


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USDA Organic | Purity-Tested | Vegan | Gluten-Free
PASSION FLOWER FOR PEACE: Passion flower is one of the best herbal remedies you can use to help get you through stressful times. Native Americans have long used the herb to treat all kinds of problems such as anxiety, fatigue, spasms, and even hyperactivity in children. It can be used to treat anxiety, sleeplessness, and nervous stomachs caused by stress and anxiety. Some studies have shown that passion flower will even work as well as some prescription anti anxiety medications. It may also have an application in helping people addicted to opiates, such as heroin, to fight their addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

Boil it in water to make tea (.5 to 2 grams of herb per cup of water as an infusion up to 3 times/day), create your own tincture or smoking blend.

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