Mullein - 2 oz.


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USDA Organic | Purity-Tested | Vegan | Gluten-Free
When it comes to supporting the respiratory system, few herbs are as gentle and effective as mullein. Both the flowers and the leaves are a valuable part of the herbal home remedy cabinet! This herb gifted from Mama Gaia is so universal! It can be used to make herbal teas, syrups, throat lozenges, smoke blends, topical ointments, salves, massage oils, soaps, and skin creams. Many of mullein’s traditional medicinal uses were similar throughout the Old and New World, but whether European settlers learned to use the herb from Native Americans or vice versa is open to debate.

Herbalism Hacks and Suggested Uses:
Dried mullein leaf is most frequently brewed as an herbal infusion to promote respiratory health. Two teaspoons of the herb can be infused in 1 cup of freshly boiled water, then steeped for about 15 minutes. Mullein leaf is covered in very fine hairs, so it is important to strain the infusion through cloth or an unbleached coffee filter to avoid further irritating the throat with the hairs.

Mullein flowers can also remedy for earaches, easing the pain and inflammation in the inner ear. Dried flowers may be infused in warm olive oil for about 3 hours, then strained out of the oil. The oil can then be placed in the ears during an earache or ear infection, so long as the ear drum has not ruptured.

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