Loving Awareness Mason Jars | 16 oz.


Image of Loving Awareness Mason Jars | 16 oz.

⭑ As seen in The Wonder Box III: Herbalism ⭑

Did you know you can program your water, coffee, juice, and smoothies with loving intentions? Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, did a study on Water Conciousness and coined the theory that water can understand and retain the energy of human intention. He separated two sections of jars of water where he read positive messages (I love you, thank you) ton one section and negative messages (I hate you, I want to kill you) to the other. Dr. Emoto was shocked to find that the two sections looked completely different under a microscope when frozen! The crystals that formed on the positive message section were found to be more beautiful and akin to sacred geometry, while the crystals formed by water with negative messages were chaotic and non-uniform in shape.

Here's your visualization exercise: Fill your jar with you liquid of choice and repeat whatever affirmations resonate with you. "You are so powerful." "Thank you for hydrating my body!" I love you, water!" "Thank you for fueling my cells!" This visualization technique has been used for centuries.

When you drink from your Loving Awareness Mason Jar, visualize beams of radiant, loving, yellow light filling your body. I AM LOVING AWARENESS.

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*Comes with a white lid
*Glass Straw sold separately
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