Dreamy Star Rose Quartz Sphere - LARGE

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Image of Dreamy Star Rose Quartz Sphere - LARGE

There's something about Star Rose Quartz that is just so magical! This piece is a DEEP pink with rainbow inclusions and of course, the "star" phenomenon that happens with some kinds of very high quality rose quartz, such as this. The "star" is the collection of lines that appear in sunlight/bright light, creating a star-like appearance.

This potent crystal promotes unconditional love for oneself and others. It can heal emotional wounds that will allow you to move to the next stage of your life with the help of self-forgiveness. Its energy is a like a soft orb of loving and nurturing calmness. Rose Quartz, to me, is the stone that reminds us of BEAUTY in this world.

This piece is one that you'll keep forever, quite a potent & powerful, impressive statement piece.

Made by the Mother Earth Herself, for you.
4 lb 2 oz, 4" diameter
Comes with vintage stand!