Delicately Handmade Chakra Incense Kits


Image of Delicately Handmade Chakra Incense Kits

DEFINITELY one of my favorite things on my altar! I cannot describe how delicately these are made, from the box made of Lokta paper to each stick of incense. There is so much attention to detail. I have made it a ritual to decide what Chakra I want to work on and burn the corresponding incense every morning.

*Premium incense handmade in Nepal.
*Prepared according to the ancient Buddhist method.
*Packed in a beautiful eco-friendly lokta paper box with each box containing a small stick burner.
*Purchase individually or the set of seven.
*Each box contains 60 four inch sticks. Burns 30 minutes.


I Understand: Crown Chakra (Frankincense) - Purple

I See: Third Eye Chakra (Devdar Incense) - Deep Blue

I Talk: Throat Chakra (Donee Incense) - Turquoise

I Love: Heart Chakra (Asthasugandha Incense) - Deep Green

I Do: Solar Plexus Chakra (Citronella Incense) - Yellow

I Feel: Sacral Chakra (Sandalwood Incense) - Orange

I Am: Root Chakra (Nag Champa Incense) - Red