Ayahuasca Vine Pendant Necklace


Image of Ayahuasca Vine Pendant Necklace


Our Shipibo Amazon Jungle Seed Bead Necklace is made from black Choloque (Sapindus sapanaria) seeds, very tiny black beads, a single red huayruro seed and an authentic crosswise cut piece of the ayahuasca plant vine fashioned as a pendant.

Carefully and skillfully hand-made by the Shipibo-Conibo living in the Peruvian Amazon creating a beautiful unique statement.
Necklace length varies from 20-21.5 inches long.
Pendant ranges in size from 2 - 4" L by 2" W. Loop/seed closure.
Handmade in Peru.
Due to the Huayruro seed's delicate properties please avoid exposure to water.