Limited Edition Facial Steam Ornaments

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Image of Limited Edition Facial Steam Ornaments

100% Plant-Based, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free
This specialty blend of organic rose, chamomile, lavender and mint has been mindfully made to both nourish and tone your skin. Simply add the herbs and flowers to hot water to create a luxurious, aromatic steam. Our facial steam clarifies skin by loosening dirt and increasing blood flow which revives and softens skin. These effects prep your skin for soaking in the benefits of any mask or moisturizer used immediately after.

Make it a tradition to hang a facial steam on your tree and use it Christmas morning.
A perfect stocking stuffer or gift for someone who loves self-care.

ROSE: relieves stress and anxiety; anti-inflammatory
CHAMOMILE: anti-inflammatory; great for sensitive skin
LAVENDER: cleansing and astringent yet calming
MINT: relieves mental fatigue; revives the senses

1-3 uses from every ornament.
Ships free with anything else from the store.