Lemurian Star Seeds

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Image of Lemurian Star Seeds

Lemurian Seeds are one of the "master crystals" because they harbor the potential to balance all chakras. You'll notice when you receive the crystal, there are "bar code-like" horizontal lines that run down the crystal, symbolic of the codes they possess. Lemuria was a lost civilization, and it's said that running your finger down these "codes" will help you download ancient teachings.

These Lemurian Star Seeds are *fantastic* quality, you'll be in love with their clarity when you meet yours in person!

Lemurian Seeds are known to:
✨aid in angel contact
✨instills courage, confidence, and strength
✨shine light on one's shadow self to result in growth and self love
✨aid in dreaming
✨hold information from the Akashic Records, which can be personally attained through meditation. Often, a record keeper finds its way into the hands of a person with whom has relevant personal information to transmit such as past life insights, future endeavors, and keys to hidden truths.