Eucalyptus Bundle for Aromatic Shower [SHIPS October 30]


Image of Eucalyptus Bundle for Aromatic Shower [SHIPS October 30]

PLEASE NOTE: All Eucalyptus Bundles are shipped FRESH and are therefore all shipped out on the same day. For convenience, if you'd like to order a Eucalyptus Bundle please check out with ONLY the Eucalyptus Bundle in your cart. If you'd like to purchase other items, please do so in an additional order. The next shipment of Eucalyptus Bundles will ship October 30.

Experience your own AROMATHERAPY SHOWER! Simply hang the Eucalyptus Bundle under your shower head, turn on your hot water and the aromatic essential oils of the bundle with be released into the air, creating a spa-like experience.

Not only do our Eucalyptus Bundles look absolutely stunning hanging from your shower, they have tons of healing properties and are one of our favorite plants of all time.

Eucalyptus is known to:
✨relieve stuffy noses and sinus headaches
✨sooth respiratory aches
✨help you destress and decompress
✨calm inflammation
✨leave you feeling super refreshed

These are large bundles with 10 stems, shipped fresh to your door. The Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Bundles are hand tied with twine. We recommend that you replace your bundles once a month.