Dream Crystal Kit


Image of Dream Crystal Kit

This collection was curated with intentions of aiding those who have difficulty sleeping, those who wish to improve their dream recall abilities, or those that want to explore their dreams. Each stone offers powerful healing properties! These crystals pair very well with our pastel and matte black herbal pre-rolls.

HOWLITE - Relieves insomnia; Helps one achieve deep sleep; Access wisdom during dreams
BANDED AMETHYST- Stress relief; Enhances peace of mind and relaxation
BRECCIATED JASPER - Promotes dream recall; Protection during astral travel
CARNELIAN - Aids memory and manifestation of one’s desires
SELENITE - Powerful intuition and psychic awareness; Promotes dream recall

Contents include: 1- Howlite, 1- Banded Amethyst, 1- Brecciated Jasper, 1- Carnelian, 1- Selenite, 1- Stone Meanings Card, 1- Stamped canvas pouch
Stones approx. 0.5” to 1" length (Selenite approx.. 3” length)
Each stone is unique; size, shape, and color will vary. Stone finish (e.g. tumbled, rough, polished, point, etc.) may vary from what is pictured.